About us

(A Registered Organization)

JIMS, one of the top Management Colleges in Delhi, functions under the aegis of the Jagannath Gupta Memorial Educational Society, a registered non-profit organization. The society is reputed for imparting high quality of education and thereby creating a pool of professionally qualified and skilled managers and entrepreneurs to meet the growing needs of trade and the industry. It has performed a stellar role in spreading education in Engineering and management in India by establishing a number of campuses in Delhi and Jaipur.

There are numerous management and PGDM colleges mushrooming in various parts of Delhi, NCR. But JIMS has become a brand name for itself and has remained true to its mission, values and quality education. It creates a pool of talent who contribute effectively to the goals of the organization. This is proved by the various public sector and private sector companies who have had a working relationship with JIMS since its inception and have been giving a positive feedback of the students recruited since.

The students after completing their courses from JIMS, successfully take up the role of entrepreneurs or join industry and business as professionals. They are readily accepted by both the public and private sector in India and abroad, as JIMS Kalkaji has over time acquired a formidable image which resulted in its being bestowed the award “Best Management College In Delhi” by Big Brands (May 2011).