Thursday, 22 May 2014

Why b schools prioritize summer internships?

A summer training or technically called an internship program is a process of on-the-job instructions for skilled courses. These interns may be +2 students or undergraduate university scholars, or post-graduates; these students may be paid in the form of stipend by the corporate. It sets a trail for the final placements after the completion of their degree courses. Therefore, here comes the moment to emphasize why they are vital at b-schools and what do they signify about the approaching final placements this season, especially in the set-up when the institutes proudly publicize the 100 per cent placement records. So let’s focus on the expectations of various stakeholders of these institutes for justifying our answers.

This show of management institution in its summer placements can offer an appetizer of how the institute is making rounds in the market, the standing it holds in the corporate world and also how the final placements for the coming year are probable to be. This rising struggle and comparisons among other management schools and ruthless job markets pressurize these colleges to hand out maximum number of interns and salary packages this year. Moreover, For the reason that placements, being professed as the ultimate compensation for investing the time, endeavor and funds for two to three long time, is an important point of indication in admission decisions for MBA applicants. To get good companies to visit these campuses and conduct interactions with the BBA & MBA batches, the first thing b-schools need to prove themselves their out of the box strategies in front of these corporates and get their working rapport going. It gives you a chance that a brand will offer jobs to your alumnae is higher if the company visited the university grounds earlier too.

Summer assignment is the chance where the schools start up their relationship with companies and get big breaks. In the Indian milieu, majority of management students are fresher. Once in their course it is a mandate for them, reason being that until the summer internship project is done, their interface with corporate is nil. It is only after the concrete experience of the summer project that the real representation starts to build for them. They are better conversant about their interests and the field that they would want their employment in. live projects is a prospect for students to experience roles and responsibilities in the area of their choice and make a more learned decision about their profession in the final placements. Academic knowledge is all that most students have until the internship for 60 days at a project is made. And provides them a time where one can apply observations, learning into practice. 

The input here is to transform as many summer projects into PPOs --- pre-placement offers as possible. Following the current indicators, the promising sectors for this season are infrastructure, automobile, pharmacy and healthcare. Furthermore, the feedback of the company also compounds to the student's grades and academic appraisal. summer trainings have taken a totally new facet with students as they are now more interested in working in live projects, adding multitalented dimension in their resume by experiencing the workings of NGOs, IPL franchises etc.. Sooner or later they are the one who will be potential managers and leaders in the industry.

Internship plays an imperative role in closing placements as it assist students in gaining fundamental comprehension. More notably, admirable summer placements are a pointer of a good market, which will transform into healthier final placements. 

Keeping in view the importance of Summer training,JIMS New Delhi sends all management students to summer internship and training program every year.

This article is written by Ms. Mugdha Sehgal, Assistant Professor at, jims new delhi

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