Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Markathon Event and rules

Event details
      The magical 6 are:
1.     AD MAD SHOW –
2.     CASE STUDTY-  
3.     Mgt. GAMES-   
5.     BUSINESS PLAN ( Innovative Idea)
6.     AD Guru ( Advertising Quiz)

a.     AD-MAD show :
The heritage of marketing fest, and one of the most creative event of the fest. Each team will be given a product by the esteem panel of judges. And they will have to prepare an advertisement for the same, the best advertisement wins.
Each participant will be given a common case, on the basis of the same judges will ask them questions. The most convincing answer wins.
c.      Mgt. Games:
A set of marketing based fun games such as ULTA-PULTA (mystery solving), and Bransharaz, where 1 team member will have to enact a given brand name to other team member.
One of the toughest competitions in MARKATHON 2013, every participant will be given a waste product (such as. Used tissue, stick, broken chair etc), the participant will have to try to sell the same to the audience and convince the judges by his selling pitch. Best effort wins.
        Each team from different colleges will present a Business plan of new and innovative   
        product or service. It will include a plan for Research, finance, marketing, HR,  
        production etc, followed by questions by the panel. The most innovative and realistic 
        plan wins.
     f)  AD GURU
           This is an Advertising Quiz. There would be Audio, Visual Rounds and general  
            questions related to the field of advertising. The Quiz will have two elimination    
            rounds and one final round.


·        3 members per team.
·        Product will be given on the spot.
·        2 minutes for preparation.
·        5 minutes for performance

2. Case study
·        2 members per team.
·        Case study to be given 15 minutes prior to the event.

3. Mgt. GAMES
·        2 members per team.
·         Topics will be given on the spot

4. Kabadi Bazaar

·        Single participant from each college.
·        Product to be given on the spot.
·        2 minutes time to convince the judges.

5.Business plan (Innovative Idea)
·        2 members/team.
·        Product/service must be new, unique and innovative.
·        Presentation must cover finance, marketing, production & HR policies.
·        Presentation time is 15-20 minutes

  1. Ad Guru
·        2 members per team
·        Two elimination rounds
·       One final round

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